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Interior Design tips: Guest Bedroom Refresh

Welcome to my blog – I hope you will find it useful as well as interesting. I aim to be helpful and give an insight into interiors, the history of interior design as well as tips and inspiration.

It’s that time of year when lots of us are going to be hosting guests over the summer. It can create a small sense of panic when we wonder where are we going to put them?!

Our guest bedrooms are sometimes a bit of a multi-functional space which can lose its identity. Having a space solely dedicated to guests can seem a bit of a luxury so making that space work harder makes sense but can cause issues when you actually do have guests. It might mean you have to re-home your desk / workout equipment / laundry.

calm bedroom in neutral colours with a large upholstered bed and armchair

Now is your chance to have a quick refresh and tackle the space once and for all. Think about how the room gets used year round. Think about the storage and how can it work harder for you. Can you create bespoke storage which will house your home office smartly? Can you use the height of the room more effectively by adding floor to ceiling storage?

If you intend to keep the room as a Guest Bedroom (which is always useful) then you need to be able to fit at least a double bed and preferably a King size bed. Add additional storage by choosing a divan base or ottoman style bed. Hideaway beds can be suitable in some situations and mean the room is fairly clear, when not being a bedroom, for other purposes.

An upholstered bed in blush pink with a floral wallpaper behind in bold colours. lots of cushions and layering on the bed
Colourful Bedroom

You will need to think about storage for your guests too so a cupboard or chest of drawers which they can use will be needed. Hanging space is desirable so a section of wardrobe can be really useful if you can spare the space. If you have the space and budget building a whole wall of floor to ceiling cupboards is great for any situation. It is not inexpensive but it certainly adds value and is worth the cost.

A luxurious room with a bed with velvet throw and a velvet upholstered bench at the end of the bed

Upholstered benches with storage are really handy in a bedroom if you have the space as they can store towels, extra bedding etc as well as provide somewhere to sit and get dressed.

Creating a well-designed space is really important for your guest bedroom as it shows you have really thought about your guests and therefore makes them feel welcome. Decorating the room in warm bright colours can create a fresh, homely and welcoming atmosphere.

Consider the orientation of the room and the style of the house and your personal style.

Add pattern, texture and personal touches which will all bring character to the room. You want to aim for a boutique hotel feel. If you are inclined you can also add a guest hamper which will really make your guests feel special. In this I would include some lovely toiletries, perhaps snacks, wine, ear plugs, eye mask, basic essentials in case they have forgotten something and the Wi-Fi password. Obviously it depends on the situation whether you need or want to add a hamper but it definitely adds a lovely touch.

Fresh flowers are a great addition, especially if they are scented and they add another sensory element to the room. If you know the guests have a favourite scent it can really elevate the room if you can add that fragrance in some way. Creating a sensory space which appeals to all 5 senses can turn an average room into a fantastic room. The secret is to not overdo it.

Dress the bed smartly with pressed sheets. Good quality white cotton sheets are the best as they can be dressed to work with any style or colour and do not date. Ideally, you would add 2 pillows for each person, one firm and one softer, to give them options. There are options to also add Euro pillows and perhaps bolster pillows but that is not so necessary.

You can then add cushions which can add colour, pattern and texture to the bed. I would also add a throw to the end of the bed which will stop the bed seeming like such a large expanse of white in the room. Depending on the season it could be a faux fur throw or a light knitted blanket. If there is a chair in the room I would also add a cushion to this chair which works with the cushions on the bed.

An upholsterd bed in grey with dusty pink cushions in various textures  and patterns

Make sure there is enough light in the room so your guest can read in bed, the switch needs to be accessible from the bed as they will likely not know the room well enough to walk around it in the dark. If they also have their own En-suite it might be worth getting motion sensor lights fitted so they don’t have to struggle to find light switches in the night.

The window treatment should be easy to operate and provide options again. There could be a light voile, perhaps a blackout blind or luxurious curtains so they can choose which option best suits them as well as being privacy dependant.

I hope this has been a helpful guide to help you create a wonderful guest bedroom which can be a useful space for the whole year. If you're planning on renovating your guest bedroom - get in touch I would love to help you transform the space.


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