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Interior Designer in Bristol

Rebecca Bailey-Price
Owner, Founder and Interior Designer

Hello, Im Rebecca, Interior Designer at Bailey&Co. I specialise in the renovation and Interior Design of historic homes, creating timeless appeal whilst maintaining period charm; with a twist of biophilic design.

Whether you need guidance with a single room or for a whole home my understanding and experience of period properties means I am able to create tailored designs which suit your home and your style. 

Having studied in London and lived in many period properties myself I know the nuances which arise when dealing with unknown entities such as 300 year old houses! I love the history, 'reading' a building, unpicking what has gone on here before and if possible, and appropriate, interweaving that with the home we are creating today. 

Historic home owners are part of their homes history and become part of the story, adding our own sympathetic stamp not only makes our homes better, more comfortable, places to live but, done correctly, ensures their lasting legacy.

At Bailey&Co I am passionate about working with homeowners who understand the importance of their homes. I want to help my clients by creating the best home for them whilst focusing on bigger demands such as using sustainable products whenever possible and reducing waste.


As an associate of the British Institute of Interior Design, I work in an approachable and supportive manner, I am inclusive and collaborative and create designs which are ethical and environmentally responsible. I am continually learning and implementing my knowledge to improve the services and experiences that I can offer my clients.

I live near Bristol with my husband, our 3 children and our sweet but very slightly lazy dog Arthur.

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