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When is the best time to engage an Interior Designer?

I often get asked by prospective clients “Work is starting on our kitchen/extension/ 

bedroom in the summer, when is the best time to get you to come in and have a look?” 

Firstly we need to fully understand the role of an Interior Designer. An Interior Designer will help with creating scale drawings, 3d visuals, plans, and layouts and think about the overall flow and feel of the space.

They will help with making sure the lighting is correct for your demands and requirements, source functional and stylish furniture for the project as well as come up with a beautiful colour scheme and soft furnishings. 

For this level of detail and in-depth knowledge of the project they need to be involved as 

early as possible.

Ideally, they should be involved before the architect – if the job requires one. An Interior designer will help you to visualise your project and ask all the questions needed to help come up with a great scheme and layout which works for you. They will spend time with you and your family to fully understand how the space needs to work for you and how you live in it. They will listen to the compromises you are currently facing and think about how you can overcome them within your home. 

A designer talking through floor plans with clients in their home
Talking through plans

Once they have helped you pinpoint the sort of project you have, the full scope of the job and how you want the space to feel you are then fully armed to work with the architect on how to make that possible. The interior designer and architect can then work together to make sure the project runs as closely to the brief as possible whilst maintaining the regulations and safety standards required. 

Once the plans have been drawn up the interior designer can then finalise furniture layouts which in turn means you know where your lighting, plumbing, electrical points etc. need to be placed. It is very annoying to have finished decorating a space only to realise there isn’t anywhere to plug in the lamps. Without the furniture layout you aren’t able to confidently place the lighting etc. It may seem a backwards way of working but in order to get the final look you dream of, you have to start at the end. 

"It may seem a backwards way of working but in order to get the final look you dream of you have to start at the end."

Many people will argue that the ‘pretty bits’ at the end aren’t that important but these are the details which will set your project apart and make it unique to you.

Obviously you need to have a safe and compliant home but it also needs to meet your needs and suit your style, this is where all of the tradespeople working together is really important and clear communication is vital. Towards the end of the project is when all of the questions come thick and fast and if you haven’t already worked out the details at the beginning you could be rushed into accepting something you don’t like. You are also prepared for costings and lead times which your interior designer will communicate to you before any of the work starts. 

A modern library with bookshelves on the left, an upholstered swivel armchair in dark green with large window behind.

In summary, having an interior designer as part of your project team from the start is a really good way of feeling confident about the final outcome, knowing you are getting a space which will fulfil its purpose whilst looking great, and more importantly, is unique to you.

Take a look at the Interior design services I offer which are tailored to give you maximum flexibility whilst you work on your home project.


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