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How an Interior Designer creates the perfect Bootroom

If you are lucky enough to have the space for a Bootroom then you are already winning in my opinion - but what if you don’t have the space but definitely have the family for a Bootroom? As an interior designer, overcoming problems like this are everyday tasks.

The hallway, if it’s big enough, could be redesigned to be an adequate bootroom. The hallway (or bootroom) is really the gateway between the outside world and your home so if we can design it to be practical as well as beautiful then we are creating a great impression of the house beyond.

A bootroom is really a space where you can disrobe, remove and store muddy boots, shoes, brollies, coats, hats etc. Obviously this is more relevant in rural areas but there is no reason why an urban home doesn’t need all of the same functions. So as an interior designer what do I consider being the best way to plan a bootroom?

Firstly list what it is you need the area for:

· School bags / handbags

· Shoes,

· Hanging coats

· Winter hats, scarves & gloves

· Wellies

· Brollies

· Dog leads, etc

· Sink area

· Bikes / skateboards / scooters

Secondly think about the space:

· Do you have the space to allot each member of the household their own space?

· Is this a separate room or part of the entrance way?

· What style would you like the space to have? Traditional, modern, scandi?

· Is there / could there be plumbing if required?

Now think about the materials used:

· Flooring – you need it to be practical, durable and within budget

· Walls – they need to be able to withstand scrubbing

· Furniture – Bespoke joinery? Simple bench with storage? Full height storage? Chair?

· Lighting – Is this a dark area? What natural daylight is there?

· Soft furnishings – Cushion/squab covers, curtains or blinds. They need to be washable.

Measure the space and create a good layout with adequate space for walking around, putting coats/wellies on etc. Families tend to all be in this room at once getting ready to go out so consider this in your plan.

If you can design bespoke joinery for the space this is definitely the best way to make the most of the room. Doors to the cupboards are also a really good idea as you can shut away all of the items which might not fit the aesthetic of your space - time to think like an interior designer!

Allow storage space high up for seasonal items such as winter hats and gloves which don’t need access all year and can be swapped for the summer hats.

For more help with planning your bootroom get in touch, take a look at my design services to see how we can work together on your project.


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